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We are Sayna Quiromasaje Brasil, a company specialized in sports massage and professional care treatments that offers its services in Madrid. In our center you can enjoy the following services and massages by the hand of our team of professionals.

Relaxing massage, anti stress, sports |

The perfect solution to your stress problems, work exhaustion, contractures or any other muscular problem after sports practices.

30 € - 30 minutes | 50 € - 60 minutes.

Specific foot massage |

We are experts in reflexology points. We apply the technique in 3 phases (moisturizing cream, exfoliant for the feet and a regenerator) all in warm water and with mineral salts. Ideal for the previous relaxation of massage treatments and sports massages.

30 € - 30 minutes | 65 € - 80 minutes 

(foot massage combined with relaxing, anti-stress and sports massage)

Masaje Detox.

This massage, unique in its kind, is designed to eliminate the many toxic elements that we accumulate on a daily basis. 100% natural oils and creams are applied, in a way that positively influences our skin, and in the two worlds it unites: the physical body and energy. The results are surprising, and the feeling of well-being and harmony at the end make this massage unique in its style. 

Price: € 90/60 minutes 

  € 130/90 minutes

(Prices include all the 100% natural oils and creams that are used throughout the massage)

Massage unique in its style and surprising in its results. In this massage 100% natural products are used that positively influence the skin and the elimination of toxins that accumulate every day. The feeling of well-being and harmony at the end of the massage is incredible.

Price: € 90 - 60 minutes

  € 130 - 90 minutes

In both massages are included 100% natural products of the highest quality.

Masage lomi lomi |

Originally from Hawaii, it is a highly effective therapy to achieve a relaxation of body and mind.

The treatment mixes a studied technique of harmonic movements almost to the sound of music, rhythmic and fluid pressures through the fingers, hands, forearms and elbows of the professional.

In the Lomi Lomi we work several parts of the body using tempered and aromatic oils. The benefits will be perceived in an increase in circulation, relaxation of the nervous system, relief of injuries, creating a tangible sense of well-being. When a Lomi Lomi treatment is received, it is said that Aloha is received, the breath of love and life.

Price: 60 € - 60 minutes

Kobido: facial masage japanese|

The word Kobido means "ancient way of beauty". It is a treatment known as the natural facelift.

It favors a perfect and relaxed skin that shows health and youth.

Factors such as stress, pollution, smoking, sunbathing in excess and without proper protection spoils and ages our skin. One of the best treatments to take care of and rejuvenate it is the Kobido massage, suitable for all types of people who seek to rejuvenate their skin if surgery operations.

The effects are remarkable from the first session, leaving the face more relaxed, with allied wrinkles, an oxygenated and luminous skin.

The Kobido massage:
- Stimulates circulation, lymph and musculature.
- Releases toxins and bacteria from cells.
- Aids in the production of collagen and elastin.
- Attenuates wrinkles.
- Reduces muscle contractures and bruxism.
- Activates and balances the energy it meridians.
- Reaffirms all tissues, neck, forehead, cheeks, eyes and chin.
- Reduces facial rigidity.
- The mood rises.
- Relax.
- Reduces insomnia, headache and migraine problems.

Price: 60€ - 60 minutes.

Masaje Thai |

Thai massage is a unique form of body work with many centuries of tradition. It is a synthesis of different techniques: pressures, assisted stretching, works on the energy lines called Sen lines, and finally stops blood flow.

There are different styles of Thai massage although the best known are, the northern style of Chiang Mai and the southern style of WatPo.

Thai massage is done with comfortable clothes on the floor on a futon or a mat. The whole body is worked starting with the feet and finishing the massage on the head. Pressure is the most important part of this message. The masseur exercises pressure gradually using the weight of his own body, on specific points of the patient's body, incorporating his hands, forearms, elbows, feet and knees, decontracting the musculature and stimulating the channels through which the energy of the body circulates.

On the other hand muscle stretches provide many benefits, reducing muscle tension, allowing the muscle to perform better work, facilitates oxygenation, increases range of motion, prevents muscle jerks or cramps in sports practice and entails a pleasant feeling of relaxation Progressive stretching helps establish greater flexibility.

Price: 50 € - 60 minutes

Request an appointment with our team of professionals. We will personally assist you to offer you the best treatment. Contact us by phone, through our form and by WhatsApp.

Physical Preprarador and Nutritionist Rate

Personalized weekly follow-up: 200 € per month (The first two months)

Three-day trial: 50 €

We are in the center of Madrid. You can arrive by public transport as we are close to the Noviciado stops (line 2), Callao, Gran Vía and Sol.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us through our telephone number, our form or by visiting us at our center in Madrid.

We are professionals with experience and commitment to what we do.

Experts in oriental, sports and anti-stress massages

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